A Message from Fr Duncan

New Lockdown Arrangements for Churches

Dear Parishioners! We are entering a new national lockdown in Scotland and public Mass and Church services with immediate effect will no longer be possible in Church for at least the rest of this month of January. A Requiem Mass for the deceased can still go ahead with a maximum of twenty mourners. Also small weddings can still go ahead with a maximum of five people participating, including the priest and two witnesses. Our Primary School of St Peter’s will remain closed until further notice, as will St Matthew’s Academy. Please keep yourselves informed by going to our Parish websites. The latest updates and information can be found there. We will do our best to make sure you have the latest information.

Holy Mass is live-streamed every day from St Peter in Chains, Ardrossan, with the Prayer of the Rosary thirty minutes before the beginning of Mass. Monday to Friday: Rosary at 9.30am and Holy Mass at 10am each day; Saturdays: Rosary at 5.00pm and Vigil Mass at 5.30pm; Sundays: Rosary at 10am and Mass at 10.30am. [N.B.: Changes may come about through the scheduling of a Funeral Mass]

Parish Websites:;;

Let’s pray at home together every day that God will bless our Parish Communities and that he will keep us and all our families and loved ones safe.
God bless,
Father Duncan

Church Donations

Every Parish thrives from the support of its Parishioners. It has been nearly 82 years since committed Catholics in Ardrossan put all their efforts into building our Church as it stands today. Just think of how many souls we have reached; hearts we have healed; and spirits we have lifted by sharing God’s Word, Jesus Christ, with others!

Especially throughout this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, when the Church has been closed for twelve weeks, there are so many people who are missing the community of being at Church, and receiving the Sacraments. It is the generous donations from Catholic faithful that help us to share the Gospel. That’s how it has been since St Peter in Chains was built in 1938!

There are three usual ways you can contribute to the Parish: Through a standing Order, through the Collection at the weekend Masses or through an Offertory Envelope. An added bonus is when you “Gift Aid” your donation, giving the Parish an extra 22% at the end of the year.

Don’t worry if you are not able to support your parish financially at this time. Maybe you are having to get by on a reduced income, maybe you are anxious about losing your job. Many people are. In these difficult circumstances you should not feel obliged to give what you do not have.

The Diocese, though, has set up a facility online for those who are able to give and who are not already contributing by standing order. Use the link below, or scan the QR code, to access the page on the diocesan website where you can contribute to your parish by credit/debit card. You can also gift aid your donation.

It is very easy to use. You clink on this link:

When you are on the page, you will see a button for “Online Parish Offertory”. You then click this button. This will bring you to the donations page. Under “Search for your Parish”, you just type in the first four letters of either “Ardrossan” – ARDR, or “St Peter’s” – PETER and you will come to the specific Parish Donations Page for St Peter’s in Chains, Ardrossan.

You then just fill in the amount you want to give and you can also “Gift Aid” your Parish Offertory at the same time if you wish. For Parishioners who are really tech-savvy, there is also a unique QR Code [see below].

The most important thing at the moment is not for us to give in the collection but to pray for one another, particularly for all those who are suffering and whose lives have been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. May we support each other by our prayers.


Requiem Mass for Annie Taylor

Please pray for the Repose of the Soul of Annie Taylor, who died on 10th January 2021, aged 88 years.
Her Requiem Mass will be on Wednesday, 2nd February 2021 at 10am, followed by Interment at the High Road Cemetery, Stevenston.

May she rest in peace and rise in glory!

Sad News at the Death of Archbishop Tartaglia

The Archbishop of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, has died suddenly at his home in Glasgow. He was 70 years old. Archbishop Tartaglia, who had served as Archbishop of Glasgow since 2012, had tested positive for COVID 19 shortly after Christmas and was self-isolating at home. The cause of death is not yet clear. The Archbishop had served as leader of Scotland’s largest Catholic community since 2012. The Pope’s Ambassador to Great Britain, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti has been informed. It will be for Pope Francis to appoint a new Archbishop to succeed Archbishop Tartaglia, but until then the Archdiocese will be overseen by an administrator.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory!

The Prayer of the Rosary in Time of Pandemic

The Rosary eBook aims at helping the faithful to contemplate the Gospel with Mary, our Mother, in the light of a world in crisis generated by COVID-19 and open our hearts to the hope of the Good News of Jesus-Christ. You will find real testimonies from people affected by the pandemic, in several ways. The writers, members of Vatican COVID-19 Commission, intended to guide the prayer by linking some of the painful and struggling stories of people from all over the world with the contemplation of the different mysteries of the Rosary.

“These are times of suffering, division and uncertainty. But at the same time, this challenging moment is an opportunity to change and to prepare a healthier future. With our gaze fixed on Jesus and contemplating the luminous, sorrowful, joyous and glorious mysteries of His life, we can embrace the hope of the Kingdom of God that opens us to new horizons. Guided by the Virgin Mary, who knew how to keep things in her suffering heart, let us gather together in prayer while we work for the wellbeing of people, institutions and the planet. The Church’s common action in the face of this pandemic finds its source in prayer, in the service of Christ’s mission. This meditative Rosary can help many people in these moments of crisis because Mary, our Mother, is a powerful ally to look up to with hope at the times to come.”

Read more by following this link:

Scotland’s Catholic Bishops publish letter of hope

In a National Pastoral Letter to Scotland’s Catholic Community, the Catholic Bishops of Scotland have highlighted “reasons for hope, as we live through these difficult times”. The document, suggests society has begun to rediscover universal human dignity, pointing out that when citizens were asked “to make difficult and prolonged sacrifices for the sake of the most vulnerable and they willingly responded.” The letter describes this genuine concern for the vulnerable as “obvious and beautiful”. The letter goes on to hope, that “the love and compassion we have shown amid so much suffering and death in recent months (might) now become a way of life and that love of neighbour might now “become the vital principle of our culture”. The bishops welcome the news of vaccine approvals and “hope this will allow an early immunisation programme to protect our population and offer the prospect of some return to normal life.” In response to ethical concerns raised about the vaccines, the bishops “reassure our Catholic population that, in accordance with longstanding guidance from the Pontifical Academy for Life, it is ethical to take any of the C19 vaccines purchased by the UK at the present time, either because foetal cell lines have not been used in their development or because their sourcing is sufficiently remote.” Read more by following the link below:

Click here to view the Light Shines in Darkness PDF

Galloway News Advent 2020

Advent is a strange time. In the Church’s eyes it is a time of prayer and preparation as we wait to celebrate the feast of Christ’s birth. But for most people Advent really does not exist. Instead the period before Christmas is already seen as part of the Christmas season. That is when all the office Christmas parties take place, and the many Christmas dinners for pensioners. The Christmas lights are lit up in our cities. It is also the time when all the shops play carols and Christmas songs twenty-four seven.Read more by following the link:

Click here to view the Galloway News Advent 2020

Living in Faith in the age of COVID-19

The Bishops’ Conference of Scotland has published a Newsletter, which has emerged from the work of the Pastoral Ministry Working Group. Much of the material has arisen from the Pastoral Ministry survey which the group had invited parishes to complete by the end of July. It is hoped that the contents will prove to be informative and useful to clergy and laypeople.

Click here to view Newsletter

Contact Details at Mass

We are required to keep a record of the contact details of all those attending Mass for the time being. Please print off the Contact Details Leaflet [four leaflets per sheet] and fill it in before coming to Mass. There will be designated baskets to collect the leaflets at the front door of the Church. Thank you for your understanding and patience. God bless!

Free eBook on the Promises of the Sacred Heart

In the 17th century, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French Visitation nun, had a personal revelation involving a series of visions of Christ as she prayed before the Blessed Sacrament. Christ emphasised to her His love and His sorrow caused by people’s indifference to this love. He revealed Twelve Promises for those who consecrate themselves to His Sacred Heart. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a beautiful way for us to encounter the fullness of the Gospel, the good news of God’s saving love poured out for us in Jesus Christ. Click below to download a free eBook where you can learn more about the Twelve Promises to help you grow in knowledge and faith. Our prayer is that you fall ever more deeply in love with our Lord Jesus Christ.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been, for countless people around the world, a great and unexpected trial. But for Catholics, who were already struggling with the abuse crisis and a dramatic rise in disaffiliation, this trial is not only economic, social, or medical—it is spiritual. Plunged into a time of darkness and separated from the sacraments and their parish communities, the faithful are feeling isolated, disheartened, and uncertain about what the future holds.

I’ve attached – for the Parishes of St Bride’s and St Peter’s – a new eBook from Dr. Stephen Bullivant. It is an insightful and encouraging analysis of the coronavirus, shedding light not only on the Church’s present moment or similar crises of the past but also on the immediate future.  Read more by clicking on the link…

Pope Francis’ Prayers: “Strong in the Face of Tribulation”

The Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See has made available a downloadable book entitled “Strong in the Face of Tribulation”, containing prayers, supplications and the Pope’s homilies as “a sure support in time of trial”, to help sustain the Church’s sense of communion amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Strong in the Face of Tribulation” is available for download here.

Pope Francis-Moment of prayer 27-03-2020

From the Sagrato of St Peter’s Basilica, Moment of Prayer and the Urbi et Orbi Blessing, presided over by Pope Francis

Mission Statement

The Church of Saint Peter in Chains is a Catholic Church in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland. Saint Peter in Chains belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galloway. It is a relatively young Church having been opened in 1938. Most Churches in the surrounding towns are well over a hundred years old. The Parish hopes to re-energise the local Church through authentic witness that can inspire people to rediscover the message of Catholicism.

We hope to play an active part in the New Evangelisation by striving to be “missionary disciples”. This website exists for two reasons. Firstly, it informs the community of Church services and other events and secondly, it records the history of the parish. These aims form our mission statement.