Children’s Liturgy

What is Children’s Liturgy?
It takes place in the 10.30am Mass on Sunday during school term.

Through a separate Liturgy of the Word for children, we aim to introduce children of school age – from aged 3 to Primary 4 – to important aspects of God’s message. They are divided into age groups during their special Liturgy.

We try to do this by encouraging them to celebrate God’s Word at their own pace, giving them the opportunity to offer their thoughts and reflections, following the pattern of the normal congregational liturgy.

We hope that they gain an experience of being part of a Community, the Parish, and the feeling that their thoughts and ideas are valued by that Community.

By using age-appropriate materials based on the seasons of the Liturgy, we endeavour to help them discover how the Word of God has meaning in their daily lives.

We hope that by offering a Children’s Liturgy of the Word, we can help support families with young children in the Parish.

What happens during the Children’s Liturgy?

The children gather in the Church and begin the Mass with everyone else. After bowing to the altar, the Priest hands the Children’s Picture and the Gospel Book to the children and the adult leaders process with the children to the Hall. They return for the Offertory Procession.

The Children’s Liturgy is run and lead by volunteers from the Parish, who are covered by the PVG Check, after completing the Diocesan Safeguarding Training.

An invitation

We would like to extend the invitation to all children – aged 3 to Primary 4 – to come and join us for Children’s Liturgy. If you have any questions please contact our Parish Office – 01294 464063

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Mission Statement

The Church of Saint Peter in Chains is a Catholic Church in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland. Saint Peter in Chains belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galloway. It is a relatively young Church having been opened in 1938. Most Churches in the surrounding towns are well over a hundred years old. The Parish hopes to re-energise the local Church through authentic witness that can inspire people to rediscover the message of Catholicism.

We hope to play an active part in the New Evangelisation by striving to be “missionary disciples”. This website exists for two reasons. Firstly, it informs the community of Church services and other events and secondly, it records the history of the parish. These aims form our mission statement.