2 OCTOBER 1988

Fifty years to the minute from the start of the Ceremony of Solemn Opening of the Church of Saint Peter in Chains, a commemorative mass began in the church. At 12 o’clock midday on Sunday 2 October 1988, the Bishop of Galloway, Maurice Taylor and other priests celebrated Mass.

Clergy participating were:
Father Patrick Burns, Verona Father, Ardrossan
Father Antonio Colombo, Verona Father, Ardrossan
Father Michael Lynch, Parish Priest of the Church of Saint Peter in Chains
Father Charles Matthews, formerly of the Church of Saint Peter in Chains
Canon Nicholas Murphy (1919-92), Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Saltcoats
Father Paul O’Brien, Church of Saint Peter in Chains
Bishop Maurice Taylor, Bishop of Galloway who was the principal celebrant
Canon John Walls, formerly of the Church of Saint Peter in Chains

The altar servers included:
Colin Harvey
Bernard McCormick
Chris McEvoy
Harry Sammons
Joseph Sammons
Liam Timpany

Members of the choir were:
Josephine Brown
Anne Bull
John Cosgrove (1920-1996) who conducted the choir
Jim Donnelly
Moira Donnelly
Margaret Harvey
Richard Harvey
Jimmy Love (1920-1996)
Janet Procter
Felix Quigg (1922-1994)
Robin Reid who played the organ
Mary Sammons
Margaret Swiercz
Monica Taylor

Members of the congregation included:
John Anderson
Bill Andrew
Celia Andrew
Claire Andrew
Craig Andrew
Graham Andrew
Julie Andrew later Julie Coldwell
Stuart Andrew
David Atkins
Josephine Atkins
Tom Atkins (1925-2010) who was a passkeeper
John later Father Boyce
Sheila Boyle who was a Eucharistic Minister
Willie Breslin
Benet Brodie
Donald Brown
Isa Brown
Mary Brown
Peg Brown neé Welsh (1913-1991)
John Byers (1924-1991)
Bernard Carlin
Mary Carlin
Albert Carrino (1934-2009)
Jim Carroll
Moira Connor
Frank Coulter senior
Frank Coulter
Gerry Coulter
James Coulter
Josephine Coulter
Sheila Coulter
Donald Cullinane (1927-2009)
Tony Da Prato
Mary Dalziel
Bessie Delahunt (1934-2006)
Jim Delahunt
Anne Duncan
Alison Dunn (1974-1994)
Kate Dunn
Maggie Edmond (1892-1996) who, aged 95 years, was the oldest parishioner
Alison Erskine
Terry Erskine
Robert Ferguson (1930-2005)
Chrissie Ferguson (1925-2006)
Carol Gee
David Gee
Douglas Gee
Bert Gilmour (-2017)
James Grant
Charlie Gribben (1927-2002)
Marade Griffin
Christopher Harvey
Edward Harvey
Margaret Harvey
Michelle Harvey
Richard Harvey
Jessie Hazelton neé McMahon (1925-2007)
Christopher Hendry
Colin Hendry
Jamesina Hendry
John Hendry
George Hilferty
Maria Hilferty
Addie Hissey neé McCabe (1907-2009)
Audrey Hunter
Danuta Hunter
Jason Hunter
John Hunter
Frank Kelly
Margaret Kelly
Larry Kernahan (1920-1998)
Agnes Long neé McQuade (1923-2006)
Denis Long (1921-2005)
Lisa Mack
Mary Mathieson
Jimmy McAloon
Mary McCabe
Andrew McCarroll (1927-1996)
Marie McCormick
Marion McDermott
Matt McDonald who was a Eucharistic Minister
Catherine McEvoy
Kathleen McEvoy
Pamela McEvoy who was a reader
Anne McEwan
Jim McEwan
Henrietta McGonigle
Joe McGoogan
Alice McGrattan
Anne McGrattan
Anne McGrattan
George McGrattan
Stephen later Father McGrattan
Tom McGrattan
Kenny McGuire
Theresa McGuire
Ennis McHugh
James McLaughlin (1919-2009)
Winnie McLaughlin
Andrea Mealey
Angela Mealey
Brenda Miller
Bill Mitchell who was a reader
Charlotte Mitchell
John Mitchell
Gerry Monan (1940-1995)
Margaret Monan
Kathleen Moran
Terry Morgan
David Munn
Margaret Munn
Jimmy Murphy (1916-1997)
Jean Murray
Michael Murray
Patricia Murray
Jimmy O’Neill
Julia Paterson (1917-2017)
June Piacentini
Ralph Piacentini
Esther Quigg
Margaret Quigg
Pat Quigg
Lindsey Reid
Maria Reid
Robert Reid
Seamus Reilly
Myriame Sammons
Catherine Scullion
Jimmy Scullion
Sister Mary Annunciata (1916-2008)
Sister Clement
Sister Elizabeth
Sister Pius
Sister Vincent
Margaret Spencer (1913-1992)
Jean Taylor (-2006)
Annie Thompson who was a Eucharistic Minister
Jean Thompson who was the Minister of the Evangelical Union Church, Ardrossan
Mary Timmons (1916-2011) who was present at the Ceremony of Solemn Opening on 2 October 1938
Peter Timmons
Willie Timpany who was a passkeeper
Frank Tracey
John Tracey
John Walsh
Margaret Whiston

If you know of anyone else who should be included in the above list, please contact